Produced and recorded by Leeroy Stagger with additional production and mix by award-winning producer John MacArthur Ellis, the upbeat anthem recalls the devastation High River endured through the flood of summer 2013, and celebrates the town’s resilience in overcoming the tragedy. Available for digital download by donation, the accompanying compilation CD includes tracks from all four of Alexander’s previous CD's. All proceeds to High River Flood Fund. PURCHASE CD


As Tom Robbins famously asked, "How do you make love stay?" With this, her most personal collection of songs, Leslie travels by crazy train from Tin Pan Alley through Motown, from swamp rock to honky-tonk. A musical travelogue about the distance between old flames and fresh blood, Nobody's Baby ultimately celebrates independence of the spirit and the willingness to move on. “Simply put, this woman can write! Powerful . . . the playing on Nobody’s Baby nearly matches the excellence of her words . . . sublime. This is a genre bending, intelligently written, and well performed album. Give it a listen. You will be pleasantly surprised. " Earshot  PURCHASE CD

Garden in the Stones

With the garden as an ever-present metaphor, tunes trace the path through life's major passages including birth, marriage and death. Featuring arrangements that range from sparse sketches to lush paintstrokes and themes from the personal to the universal, with guest performances by Jane Siberry, Barney and Dustin Bentall. “Garden in the Stones is a record that could have easily detoured through Union Station on its way to Revival, as Alexander writes, sings and emotes as powerfully as her American iconic contemporaries . . . one of the best folk protest albums of 2006 thus far. Even Dylan would love this.” Hamilton View  PURCHASE CD


The disappearing image of the grain elevator looms over this statement about the interplay between modernity and traditional values. Featuring guest performances from Sam Parton of the Be Good Tanyas and roots icon Linda McRae, Savage Country travels through the grainfields of Alberta to the darkest part of the city and back again, telling a tale of loss, hope and survival. “From the first urgent notes of her new album Savage Country, a dark vein snakes through Leslie Alexander's open-sounding roots music the way fork lightning snakes across a prairie sky . . . pure, simple, complex and jaded all at the same time.” FFWD Magazine PURCHASE CD


She ran away from the farm, hit the city and made a bunch of mistakes. Producer John Ellis found her singing about them on a street corner and produced her first record. Folk pop with a twang . . . painting images of street life and redemption, this collection from a prairie hick written about life in Vancouver's toughest neighborhood "is one the best independent CD's I've heard in awhile . . . intelligent, mostly acoustic folk-rock with some great rhythms and smart productions." Westender  PURCHASE CD